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The untold truths about Cannabis, raw food diets and other stuff vets don’t want to talk about!

Book announcement

A little more than one year ago, I found myself on the keyboard of my laptop day after day. Stories about my life and veterinary career pouring out onto white pages. It was not my decision to write about such things – it was more like an edict. Or more like a voice in...

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Know Thy Enemy

For science to advance in making important discoveries, it must first humble itself  to a troubled past – admit how our best minds got it wrong and praise the mavericks that persisted. Let me briefly borrow a day from 1971. On this day, December 23rd, President Nixon...

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I’m Back!

Several years ago, while still in private practice, I authored a popular blog called DogBreath. I discussed important issues surrounding pet health care: Does my pet really need a prescription diet? Controversy over vaccinations – does my pet really need all these...

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Note to my readers

Please understand that I cannot answer questions relating to your pet’s medical condition or offer individual advice. It would be unethical to provide this kind of information without the establishment of a doctor/client relationship. That being said, I’m confident that I have provided key insights, recommended reading, and links that will keep you pointed in the direction of making informed decisions.

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Paula Terifaj

Unleashed: Diary of a Woman Vet


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