A few years ago, I found myself on the keyboard of my laptop day after day. Stories about my life and veterinary career pouring out onto white pages. It was not my decision to write about such things – it was more like an edict. Or more like a voice in my head that would not go away. Roughly twelve months later, the book took on a name. But it didn’t feel real until I was able to communicate the image I saw for the book cover. Ten revisions later, a very patient graphic artist nailed the concept.

I believe book writers come in all colors, shapes and sizes. They write for different reasons. Some are chasing recognition. Some fall into the teacher category trying to make a difference. Some are artists wanting to inspire or entertain us. For authors like me, it’s all of the above. Moreover, my mission was clear from the start. Tell pet lovers the truth. Hard core and sometimes hard to hear. Why? I want to reach pet parents and help pet families I will never meet. I want to be that doctor without borders.