You love your dog. I know that because you have chosen to read this post. Keep reading and I will bring you up to date. There has been a paradigm shift about how to best feed the family dog. No doubt this may be confusing, knowing grocery stores dedicate several aisles stocked with dozens of colorful bags to choose from – all claiming the healthy benefits of feeding their brand. This deception spans decades.  Kibble, a product of convenience and clever marketing, does not promote health. In fact, it does the opposite.

In order for thriving health to occur, all living things must consume foods they were designed to eat. This is known as species-appropriate nutrition. Common sense, right? Fact: The domestic dog evolved from the grey wolf – skilled hunters! Science has demonstrated that our fun-loving, ball chasing domestic dogs share 98% of their ancestor’s genome. Where’s the kibble?

Starchy carbohydrates like corn, wheat, rice, and potatoes are used to manufacture kibble. Even grain-free kibble will contain starchy carbs like legumes, peas and lentils. And guess what? Our 98% wolf-dog has no nutritional requirement for carbohydrates. None! Carbs are a cheap source of calories – solely a benefit for the pet food industry. Here’s some more bad news: high carb kibble diets add to the growing epidemic of pet obesity. It’s not just the cookie jar!

Time to adjust your thinking cap. The popularity of feeding a raw food diet (muscle, organs, and bone) has won the debate. Dogs chase rabbits for good reason – it’s instinct. True blue raw food feeders frequent local butcher shops. This one-stop shop has everything that dogs crave – meat, organs, and bone. They bring along ice coolers – keeping the items cold before they can stock the refrigerator. Stop shaking your head – there are other options.

When raw food companies started to catch on, they understood the hassle factor. Companies like Raw Bistro packaged frozen raw diets. Just defrost and serve. Something simple – that’s what I wanted. So, this is where my raw food journey began more than ten years ago.

Next up is new technology. Freeze-drying, also referred to as air-drying technology, guarantees an effective means of retaining the nutritional benefits of raw. Stable at room temperature and convenient. Yeah, I like convenient. My pick of the litter is ZiWi Peak. This New Zealand company shows high ethical standards. “We believe in only using the most nutritious raw ingredients, sourced from sustainable, free-range farms.” These animals graze off the land – eating their natural diet. That’s a far cry from inhumane unhealthy feed lots.

Sure, going raw will cost more. But it’s a cost I see as an investment. First, the health benefits reduce the need for pricy veterinary care down the road. Secondly, I know I’m giving my beloved dog, Bertha Buttercup, the best chance to live out all her natural years. Her life will not be cut short by eating an inferior diet. So, I will have peace of mind when advanced aging brings on quality of life issues. Like when Bertha is no longer running for the gate with the leash in her mouth to scout the neighborhood. But my heart will sink the day she stops begging for her meals. That’s when my chow hound will be telling me to let her go.


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