Several years ago, while still in private practice, I authored a popular blog called DogBreath. I discussed important issues surrounding pet health care: Does my pet really need a prescription diet? Controversy over vaccinations – does my pet really need all these shots? Confusion about natural treatments – what joint supplement should I buy for my dog’s arthritis? Other questions, like is it worth it to buy pet insurance? The list went on… 

My holistic curiosity led me to investigate touchy subjects that sent many of my colleagues to hide in closets. When the Internet got rolling, determined pet owners started to arm themselves with new information and the real battle began. Dismissive doctors lost clients – and rightfully so.  

I was quick to defend these curious pet owners – I was one, too! So, I dug in and studied. I needed to get it right. I wanted to answer those questions. When uninformed doctors blurt out ignorant opinions, they fail their patients. (I’m no fan of starchy white coats either). Over the years, I became known as the “holistic vet.” I embraced that title and went on to enjoy the rewards of a loyal following.   

Knowledge is power. 

This blog is dedicated to the many wonderful pet lovers – you warm my heart and soul. I’m back as your guidepost.